Feeling Good is a self-help book written by Dr. David Burns that aims to teach readers how to use cognitive behavioural therapy to help lift themselves out of feelings of anxiety and depression. 

The old design appeared dated through its application of gradient and use of three typefaces, which clash against each other. The cover was redesigned to simplify and better represent the purpose and content of the book as well as to appear more visually balanced. The redesign simply and clearly indicates what the book is about at a glance. Within the title, there is a visual transformation in the word “good” where a frown appears before a smile. The previous three typefaces were replaced with a single geometric sans-serif that enhances legibility and does not compete with the other text on the cover, while maintaining a clear sense of hierarchy. The large title and use of yellow make it bright and eye-catching while still being reminiscent of the old cover.

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